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Compressed Earth Block Homes

Did you know that 3 billion people worldwide currently live in compressed earth block homes? Compressed earth block (CEB) is very old technology as it has been around for thousands of years. But, we, in our first world nation, are rarely aware of any building materials outside of concrete and lumber.

Compressed Earth Block Home
Modern Compressed Earth Block Home

But as our natural resources are quickly depleting and our homes and vehicles are damaging our planet more than ever, it's time for a change. If you have one green, eco or environmentalist bone in your body, or just want to save money, then you'll soon realize that compressed earth block homes are not only the past, but the future of our society and one should take into consideration the benefits that they offer.

First off, what is a compressed block home? How can one go about building one? Are they expensive? Relax and sit tight. This article will address these questions and will explain any lingering doubts you have.

With that said, let's begin…

What are Compressed Block Homes?

To put simply, a compressed block home is a house which is built from compressed earth blocks. These blocks are made from soil and contain about 15-percent clay, making them a natural tool for building. The soil itself is generally gathered from the building site itself upon the creation of the house (65-percent of the planet's soil can be used for this process).

You see, compressed earth block homes are "earth-friendly" and you don't have to be a "hippie" or a "tree hugger" to own or build one. That misconception is why so many have avoided even considering them in the first place. Earth block homes do not have to be dirty dwellings. They can be as clean and as modern as your architect's imagination.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of compressed earth block homes are almost endless. For one, you will have increased health. Compressed earth blocks are nature's renewable, non-toxic material. They aren't harmful to breath in and don't endanger your health like some building materials can.

Also, earth block homes are much more affordable than standard homes which take thousands of dollars in shipping and building costs. With compressed earth blocks, you can still have a nice home without having to empty out your pockets.
Earth Block Home

Another thing I like about these homes is that they are energy efficient. Compressed earth block homes don't require as much energy in heating and cooling saving you money. As you can see, the benefits of this eco-friendly home are convincing.

Building Costs and Time

You average compressed earth block home requires about 5,000 compressed earth blocks. This sounds like a lot however; with the right tools you can produce up to 800 per day (assuming you had a crew of at least seven people). Do the math and it should take somewhere around a week to build your compressed earth block home which is a lot less time than your standard home.

As for pricing, you can build one for less than $20,000. The main thing you are paying for is the labor required to actually place the blocks on top of one another. If saving money is your goal, would you rather spend $500,000 on a home that takes a year to build, or spend less than $40,000 on one which takes less than a month to build? The answer is almost self-evident.

Of course, you can also go upscale and eco at the same time. Depending upon the plans and design for your CEB home, you can have a standard frame, and standard outer and inner shell if you like. The compressed earth blocks could simply be used for wall insulation.

Another option is to use compressed earth blocks for your home's structure and cover the outside with clay or natural mixtures. You can combine the Adobe style or the Sante Fe style home with earth blocks.

Simple Earth Block Home

Or you can go very modern and upscale and incorporate earth blocks into one section of your home. The green architects of today's world have come up with many interesting sets of plans and designs for compressed earth block homes. Or of course you can commission an architect for a totally customized job.


Compressed Earth Block Homes aren't making a comeback as they never left. Our ancestors have been building them since the beginning of time because they understood the benefits. Compressed earth block homes however are making a comeback in first world nations since many green-spirited individuals who are also budget minded see the many advantages of incorporating Mother Nature into home.

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