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Cost and Prices of Earth Homes

More and more people are looking for alternative accommodations that are relatively cheap to build and even cheaper to maintain. Whether it's an earth home, which is what we will talk about here, a tiny house, or a shipping container home, these alternatives are quickly gaining popularity.

Modest Earthen Home

The biggest concern that most people have are the costs associated with building an earth home as opposed to a conventional house. That is what we will discuss here, and we will also try to answer a few other questions that we are sure you are likely to have.

The cost of construction will be important to many, but it's almost impossible to give a solid figure without knowing a bunch of factors. You may want a relatively small underground space with very few bells and whistles, while others will want a glamorous alternative home to show off. You also may decide not to build but to buy an earthen home and the prices fluctuate widely on these, too.

When thinking about prices, you have to consider how you are going to run your new home, by which we mean whether you decide to go off the grid or not. Adding water retention systems, solar power, and such will add to the cost of the construction, but it is money that you will recoup over the long haul.

Modern Earth Berm Home

If you do decide to go the eco-friendly route and take your earth home off the grid, it is here where you will truly experience the biggest financial benefits. The combination of solar plus earth sheltering your home will mean you will see your monthly utility bills drop by an astonishing 85-90% over what you would pay in a traditional home.

When you consider that your utilities seem to be on the increase on a monthly basis, you can clearly see why those who consider making the move to an earth home is on the rise, and why those costs are usually the number one factor for doing so.

Despite the obvious financial advantages of owning and earth home, there are still those who are concerned about making the move for a number of different reasons. Oddly enough, many of these concerns have to do with money, too.

There are concerns about such things as financing, insurance, and resale value. These are all concerns that can very quickly be put to bed. The fact that your monthly bills will be greatly reduced is often enough to give loan officers the confidence to green light financing your green home.

Artistic Earth House

Insurance companies are now adjusting their ideas in regard alternative type structures. This means you shouldn't have too many issues in that regard. Finally, as far as resale goes, the increasing demand for earth homes combines with limited availability means that you will have a solid investment and your selling price (depending upon the market) should reflect this.

If you are looking for an affordable, eco-friendly home where you can become truly self-sufficient, you really can't do much better than an earth home. You can easily build one to suit your own specific tastes, and you will start saving money from the very moment that you move in. Home ownership often means taking on a bunch of headaches, but you'll minimize the pain when you go for a simpler way of life.

Published December 10, 2014

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