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While not necessarily prevalent in the western world, bamboo is a material that has been used in the construction of homes for centuries. With deforestation becoming a real issue, bamboo is suddenly being viewed as one of the potential cures for that particular problem.

Bamboo House

Bamboo is not only a strong, durable material that looks great, it also grows a whole lot faster than your average tree, making it that much easier to replace once it has been harvested for building use. It's an environmentally friendly way to create a new living space, which is why bamboo is now being embraced as a building material used for more than just making furniture.

There are a number of different bamboo homes that have starting to pop up all over the world, utilizing the material in a number of different ways. Some of the homes look like a traditional wooden home, while others have an architecturally interesting design that makes them very unique indeed.

One type that falls into that latter category is the folding bamboo houses found in China. They were initially built as temporary housing for residents displaced by earthquake damage, but are now viewed by many as a viable alternative to the traditional home set-up.

Luxury Bamboo Home

Another way to create homes from bamboo is using a weaving method that makes the finished structure look almost like an oversized basket. These homes look like they were made from a single piece, with no lines or seams to be found anywhere. It's a distinctive look that probably won't appeal to everyone, but there can be no denying the positive impact that these types of homes have on the environment.

While the aforementioned home are built solely with bamboo, there are others out there that use a number of other materials in combination with the bamboo to create a space that is still very much something that would make Mother Nature very happy indeed.

In Thailand, for example, there are open-roofed style homes that use bamboo as natural screen over the windows, protecting the home from the noise and elements that sit right outside. There are also more traditional looking homes that have bamboo used in everything from the flooring to the supports used to hold up the outside deck.

Interior of a bamboo house in Thailand

There is no argument that climate change is real and there is no argument about how quickly our forests are disappearing. We simply cannot create new trees at the rate in which we chop them down for construction purposes, which means finding a suitable alternative needs to be high on the priority list.

Bamboo is that material for many people, as it is easy to grow and has all the right properties required for home construction. Strong and durable, bamboo can easily be used in place of wood in many types of constructions, which is why you should expect to see more of it in the coming years.

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