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Underground Home Plans and Designs

There are many advantages to using underground home plans and designs to construct your next subsurface house. Homes that are sheltered by earth have many practical pluses. They usually don't need air conditioning, and they are inexpensive to heat. Their design allows them to be fire-resistant and they are naturally soundproofed against noise from the outside.

Underground Home Plan

Underground home plans will help with ideas about what type of house design you may want to consider. The plan or design you choose will depend on the area where you are building, and any building codes that have to be considered.

Selecting the right type of land is an important aspect of implementing plans for underground homes. Building into a slope or hill is one type of design that works very well. This design includes windows in the front, which will give you a brighter home (especially south-facing). Building on flat land requires variations in the design you choose, taking into account the terrain and surroundings.

Check the Drain ...

Check the land in the area where you would like to build. Make sure it's not on any flood plain or on a slope where water runs during a rain and that it drains well. Check to make sure you have access to your site by road, so that the construction equipment can get to it.

Check into various underground home plans to determine what materials you'll be using for the walls, roof and floors of your dwelling. Concrete reinforced with steel works very well and is quite durable. The concrete should be poured when it is not freezing outside, to avoid problems.

Your underground home design should include the way you will bring utilities to the house, including water lines, wiring, skylights and ventilation ducts. Select a contractor who is comfortable with your plans, and who has built underground homes already.

The plans you use for your home will necessitate less materials than conventional homes need. The designs are simple, and using fewer materials means less costly labor to build your house. The earth will keep your home at a more regulated temperature, especially if you design the home to collect energy during the summer months.

Green Shelters

You won't miss green spaces with your underground home plans. You can plant a garden or a yard on top of the home. In addition, the designs allow for durable construction that is sheltered from hail, tornadoes or earthquakes more than normal homes are. Privacy is planned into every design of underground homes. They are quiet, since the land filters out noise from the outside. They are usually fire-resistant, as well.

As well as being a shelter from the elements such as storms and tornadoes, many underground houses can be used for fallout shelters or bomb shelters as well. And since there is limited access, criminals rarely brave the underground home since they won't be aware of the security systems you have in place.

Select a plan for your home that appeals to you aesthetically, as well as being practical. You can make the home as simple or elaborate as you wish. More complicated designs will be more expensive to construct, of course.

Including skylights in your plans will allow you to feel the light from the sun, which you might otherwise miss in an underground home. These skylights can also include mirrors to bring in the beauty from the outdoors inside. Most underground home plans allow for a good deal of interior lighting, though, so that you can fully enjoy the place where you have chosen to live.



John Lennon once said, "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." So, why not plan to make a greener life for yourself today? You'll be happy you did, tomorrow.

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