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With the increasing pollution and population explosion in the world, people are literally looking for new ways to build in an eco-friendly style. These new bunker type homes are called earthbag homes. What is unique about earthbag homes is that walls and ceilings are made of bags earth, literally.

Earthbag Home
Earthbag Home

Using sandbags provide stability for the earthbag homes. These types of shelters have a unique tradition as earth bag homes have actually been derived from the bunkers made by army professionals.

The idea of earth bags was developed by an Iranian architect Nader Khalili who worked in the countryside in his nation. He used to teach people how to make adobe homes and this is when he developed the idea of modern day earthbag homes. He used sandbags ad stacked them using barbwire.

Bless Me, Father ...

Earthbag homes are a blessing in the modern day polluted world. They have perfect insulation due to the sandbag covering. Besides this another blessing is that they do not catch fire easily. They are strong and can protect the residents from rain, high winds, and the sun.

Earthbag homes actually cut the heat and humidity and this is what makes these homes cool in the summers and warm in the winters. These are made of different types of ceilings now, from light weight concrete to stones. This is what gives the earthbag homes a stable and firm structure and helps it withstand natural calamities better.

Earthbag homes have long been used for a number of purposes. There are though a lot of challenges one might have to face in the construction of these homes. It is a very labor intensive job and takes a lot of time and effort to efficiently complete the construction of these houses.

This type of a home is a good investment when there are harsh weather conditions in the vicinity. It is essential that the location of earthbag homes is selected carefully, as this might decide how actually stable and well built the homes stay in the long run. They have to be constructed carefully to make sure they will stay put for a long time.

With the evolution in technology there are very good earthbag homes being developed now and they tend to have all the modern day facilities. There might be a few issues with the interior decoration of the earthbag homes though. These structures don't usually seem to have a definite shape on the inside ad this is what makes it a little difficult to choose the furniture as well as interior design of these homes.

Jumping to the Conclusion ...

Modern earthbag homes are made of eco -friendly products and this is the reason they don't tend to leave a small carbon footprint. They actually protect the residents from a number of natural weather conditions. All in all, these alternative houses are sure worth a try.

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