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Earth Sheltered Homes

Earth-sheltered homes are one of those creations by man, which brings him closer to nature. Unlike the normal traditional houses that are built on the ground, these earth-sheltered homes are built using the shelter of the ground.

Earth Sheltered Home
Earth Sheltered Home

The aim of building this sort of home is to cut down on the humidity and heat (plus security) and for this reason, the homes are built "into the air". This makes them cut away from the normal movements of the sun and the ground.

This is what prevents the excess heat and humidity in the house and keeps the house cool in the heat. In this concept, the ground is used like an insulating layer and this protects the house from harsh weather conditions like rain, wind, heat and humidity.

Windows to the Soul ...

The construction of these earth sheltered homes can be done according to the shape of the area to be used and then the required modifications can be made according to the needs and choices of the owner. The designs of these homes are very organic and there is a lot of engineering expertise required for the construction of the same. The early earth houses which were initially built lacked windows. Modern day earth-sheltered homes though have windows as well as any other facility that the people living there might require.

Earth Sheltered House

The basic idea behind the construction of such a house is that they are built with the idea of being environmentally friendly and each of these homes are built entirely different from each other, according to the possible layouts.

Some of the major benefits of these earth sheltered homes are that they are naturally insulating. This makes it easier for the residents to enjoy a cool atmosphere. The structure of the house is such that it keeps the earth sheltered homes cool in summers but keeps the house cozy and warm in the winters.

Other major benefits are that they can even safeguard the homes from earthquakes as well as windstorms. Damage is averted to a substantial level with these homes. The construction is such that it protects the inside of the homes by maintaining oxygen-nitrogen balance. These homes can be easily made in hilly areas. There is more green space available due to this type of construction of the house.

These homes are also safe from fire and are well protected in terms of natural calamities. Many earth-sheltered homes are also defended against intruders since there are usually only one or two entry and exit points to guard.

Image courtesy Lyle Ratzlaff who spent 18 years building his underground home. See more info here.

Old Pros and Convicts ...

As everything has its pros and cons, earth sheltered homes also do. The interior decoration of these homes can be a slight issue due to the construction. There are issues one might have to face while placing the furniture as well as huge paintings.

Earth sheltered homes are bound to have dark spaces inside and for this reason, lots of lighting is essential. Some of this can be addressed by building the earth-sheltered home facing south which means the windows receive sunlight all year long.

Some homebuilders put reflective mirrors on top to bring light (and perhaps a beautiful view) into the house. Solar panels, wind turbines and geothermal energy can provide electricity to the earth-sheltered home for inside lighting and electrical usage.


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Earth Sheltered Homes



Conclusive Conclusion

Earth-sheltered homes are one of the greenest housing designs that combines Mother Nature with an eco-friendly building materials and lifestyle.

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