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Mud Brick Homes

First off, let's touch on the basics of ingredients. Mud brick homes consist of various components including clay, sand, mud, and water. In some cases, the mud brick is bound using rice husks or straw (for adhesive purposes).

Mud Brick Home
Modern Mud Brick Home

The mud brick solution is then placed outside for 25 days to dry and harden. As you can see, the process requires a lot of work but is by no means difficult to understand how to accomplish building a mud brick home.


You and I are accustomed to our modern homes. Our ancestors were the experts in this department. South Asian inhabitants (along with others) commonly used a special type of mud brick called Adobe to build their houses. Adobe was an excellent alternative to other solutions and provided easy insulation and was environmentally safe.

The Benefits

So what are the benefits to building mud brick homes? Believe or not, the reasons for getting one are through the roof. Here they are:

- Non-toxic: Mud brick is not harmful to the body and it won't hurt your lungs if you inhale it. This reason should ease any of your concerns regarding health.

- Dust free: Tired of cleaning the dust around your home? Don't worry about this in a mud brick home because they don't collect as much dust as a traditional home.

- Mold free: Mud brick homes do a great job of preventing mold growth. What would be considered an inconvenience in most homes rarely exists in the world of mud brick.

- Long lasting: The material that mud brick is made of generally lasts for many decades. Should your mud brick home need repair, the costs of labor and materials will be minimal.

Mud Brick House
Mud Brick House
Homes like these are all natural. They don't generate waste and leave the environment intact along with your pockets. Health concerns have been addressed and confirmed to be fine. The material itself is super sturdy and won't erode very easily. Above everything, you save yourself a huge amount of capital.

Mud Brick and Your Health

Some of the older buildings we utilize today were built using unsafe construction materials. "Okay…and your point?" These materials were often toxic and filled with harmful chemicals. Some of these older buildings and homes have been cleaned, lead paint removed, asbestos cleaned out, etc.

With mud brick homes you don't have to worry about chemicals and toxic. These houses are made out of all natural material like Mother Nature had intended. Mud brick homes provide wonderful insulation, too keep the cool air in during the summer and warm air in during the winter months.

Modern Mud Brick Home

People have been building these types of homes for thousands of years using materials they dig up from the ground. Now, modern architects have taken notice along with environmentalists who also was eco-friendly dwellings compliments of Mother Earth.


The benefits are all there. We are in an age where we are depleting our Earth's resources faster than ever. Our environment isn't treated as good as it should be and things are only going to get worse.

Don't you think it's time to consider alternatives? Maybe our ancestors did have it right.
Building a Mud Brick House

Modern mud brick homes are a worthwhile building solution using alternative materials that will save your money, save a tree, save on heating and cooling bills and are generally environmentally friendly.



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